How to Pair Openload to Access Streams in Kodi

If you are a kodi user and used to watch movies or videos on kodi using video addons like covenant kodi addon or exodus addon then you might have faced errors like openload pair error,tvad me pair error,vshare eu pair error e.t.c . These are the not actually errors but warnings that tells us to pair with the official site to your network for streaming the selected video and withe the selected host.

They just warns you that you cannot stream the selected video with on that particular host without pairing your device.Then you just need to visit their official site and click on pair to get 4 hours of steaming authorization from that site.They gives you streaming authorization only for 4 hours and you should repeat the same steps to pair again with that host to get an additional 4 hours of streaming authorization.In this particular article i’ll tell you about how to pair with openload and these steps are similar to any kind of related errors to solve.

VPN To Use :

Before going to the article here is a small note for you about using a VPN on your kodi app.Firstly i suggest you to use any vpn while using your kodi app since there are many reasons for this.

  1. To get fast streaming for not getting issues while streaming.
  2. To get the videos that are even banned from you country for some reasons.
  3. Also to protect your device privacy.

I suggest you to use some top VPN like Cyberghost or IPVanish e.t.c as they serves better service than any other VPN in the market as they serves fast connection speed with complete privacy and completely avoids geo restrictions for any country and you can browse from any country that you like to browse.

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What is Openload and Openload Pairing ?

Openload is a simple site that hosts all the movies from the world or in other words it can be said to be a file hosting site.

Openload is absolutely free to use.But the developers of kodi made an agreement with the openload founders that they are willing to partner with openload to serve stress less operating of kodi to stream videos from openload site.But openload founders requested kodi developers that they need traffic for their site to generate some revenue from kodi users traffic and adviced them to add an option to make every kodi user must visit url to stream openload videos and added an option called openload pair.

Follow the below steps to do openload pairing :

  1. First open kodi app try to stream a movie or video from openload file host.
  2. Then they will get a popup error saying that Openload Pair Stream Authorization required.
  3. Then goto
  4. Then click on I’m not a robot by clicking on Check box.
  5. Next after getting green tick mark then click on Pair.
  6. Next you will get a pop saying Pairing Successful.
  7. Then again goto kodi app and then you can stream movies or videos from openload file host.

This pairing is allowed only for 4 hours from pairing.For getting additional 4 hours of streaming authorization from openload the again follow the above steps.